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Leading Supplier of Air Conditioning in UAE

Over 3000+ Best Quality Products for Commercial and Residential use.


About Al Emadi Air-Conditioning Group

Founded in 2004, Al Emadi Air Conditioning stands as the foremost distributor of top-tier Air Conditioner brands in the vibrant landscape of the UAE. Our comprehensive product range spans Window, Split, Ducted, and Package type air conditioners, complemented by Water Chillers, all finely tuned to cater to the dynamic needs of the HVAC industry. With a visionary management team at the helm and supported by skilled industry professionals, we pride ourselves on offering not just products, but a holistic suite of market expertise, innovative solutions, and comprehensive services in the HVAC field.

Whether you’re embarking on the construction of a new residence, envisioning the layout of a retail space, or undertaking the revitalization of a hotel, our heating and cooling solutions are crafted to seamlessly align with your unique project requirements. At Al Emadi Air Conditioning, we invite you to initiate your project with us by selecting your building type, confident that our seasoned professionals will guide you toward optimal HVAC solutions.

As the undisputed leader in the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration sector in Dubai, UAE, our footprint extends through large offices and strategically positioned warehousing facilities in three prime areas of the country. This strategic distribution network empowers us to maintain substantial inventories, facilitating prompt product availability on an Ex Stocks basis for both local and export markets. At Al Emadi Air Conditioning, we don’t just offer products; we provide a commitment to excellence and reliability in every facet of the HVAC industry.

Leading Supplier of Air Conditioning in UAE

Our Products

Leading Supplier of Air Conditioner in UAE

Over 3000 + Best Quality products for Commercial and Residential Projects

We are devoted to providing high-quality products and total climate solutions to create comfortable and sustainable interior environments for all of the people and regions of the world.

About Al Emadi Air-Conditioning Group

Whether you’re building a home, designing a shop or renovating a hotel, we have heating and cooling solutions that will meet your needs. Begin your project with us by selecting your building type.

Founded in 2004, we are the leading Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Dubai, UAE.

Al Emadi has large office and warehousing facilities located in 3 prime areas of U.A.E allowing us to carry large inventories which in turn enable us to offer our valued clients products on Ex Stocks basis for local and export market.


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