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Quality Control

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Committed to Quality at Al Emadi

Al Emadi Air-conditioning  is committed to putting quality into action throughout all its business processes, from raw material purchase through manufacturing to finished goods deliveries.

In order to fulfil the needs and expectations of our customers, employees, Sub Dealers, Contractors , Installers and  suppliers, Al Emadi has developed and implemented a structured and efficient Quality Management System.

Among the key pillars of the quality policy are consistently meeting customer requirements and ensuring that all products on the market are safe for intended use. High quality and reliable raw materials for use in final products are of key importance to Al Emadi.

Our R & D department offers state of the art product design and testing facilities. Accurate product performance data is used for the benefit of the customers ensuring the highest level of integrity and quality. 

INSPECTION: Al Emadi Air Conditioning  has stringent quality control procedures for checking quality and controlling parameters, at various levels of manufacturing for each unit, to ensure a defect free product and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.